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JCL BedCareBidet

Natural Elimination and Perineal Cleaning System – For Bedridden Patients


JCL BedCareBidet – Introductory Video (4:24 minutes)

Retain your dignity while going discreetly it’s, simple! 


JCL BedCareBidet in operation (1:24 seconds)

Watch the automated toileting and perineal cleaning system In Action!


Product Literature:

JCL BedCareBidet User Manual


JCL BedCareBidet Product Brochure



O-ACE-Sys® Advanced Wound Therapy System (COMING IN 2022)

Chronic wounds represent a disproportionate burden on the U.S. health care system, affecting an estimated 6.5 million patients and costing over $50 billion annually, according to actual reimbursement data from the US Wound Registry.

The magnitude of wound care problem globally can reliably be expected to grow at a faster rate due to the convergence of five major epidemiologic factors: burgeoning aging population, rising incidence of diabetes, obesity epidemic, mutating drug-resistant microbes, and a virtually dry antibiotic pipeline. There are one million amputations per year globally, and one every 20 seconds due to diabetes.

While many wound care products (from advanced dressings to NPWT devices) exist on the market, none is able to sufficiently overcome the impoverished blood flow and tissue oxygenation—the two biggest challenges facing chronic wounds—to enable healing faster than the current average time of nearly 6 months. Wound care therefore continues to be a serious, growing problem for patients, healthcare professionals and facilities, government, and third-party payers.

Please refer to manufacturers website for additional details ===>O-Ace-Sys Wound Care